Holistic Therapies

Consultation Form


The consultation form is filled in with the client before the treatment but it is possible to download it in advance, complete it at home and bring it to the practice where it will be discussed with the therapist. Treatment cannot be given without a completed consultation form for the reasons stated below.

I do believe that complementary therapies are beneficial to most people, even to clients suffering complicated illnesses such as cancer. But I do need to know the client’s health in detail, as there might be some hidden risks, which the client might not be aware of. For example high blood pressure might be affected by the treatment. During the treatment the blood pressure might increase even more and in the worse cases provoke fainting or other complications. Being aware of a client’s condition I could prevent this happening by adjusting the treatment. I am not offering any sexual services.

The consultation form is designed in detail for the client’s safety and also to prompt the client to remember perhaps even insignificant health conditions, which still might be important during the treatment. If you are not sure about the meaning of some disease name you could search it at or ask me prior to the treatment.

It is advisable for a client who is not sure about the effect of the treatment on his/her health to consult his/her GP. There is a section “ Contraindications requiring medical permission” in the consultation form, indicating conditions requiring medical permission. From my previous experience some GPs leave the patient to decide whether to have a complementary therapy treatment. In most causes I am happy to proceed with the treatment after the client has signed the disclaimer form.


Please do not make an appointment if you are aware of any contagious and infectious diseases (including fever, diarrhoea or vomiting) you suffer as it could spread to other clients coming to the practice. I reserve the right to refuse any treatment to the client suffering illnesses I might believe are harmful to others or is under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol.                   

Download Consultation Form Here.


I wish you good health and enjoyable treatments.